Velocity Hucking Systems

We are a small independent company based out of Queenstown, New Zealand. We strive to bring you the quietest bike you've never heard.

A quiet bike is a fast bike

Air Bubbles

Our clever yet simple design is just that, pockets of air that completely absorb the impact of your chain, plus it looks like chocolate! 

Trusted 3M Adhesive

Our adhesive is tried and tested. It will stick to your frame like sh*t to a blanket 

Easy Installation

Once cut to size, simply stick down and go play

VHS 2.0 Slapper Tape VHS 2.0 Colour Tape VHS CHAINSAW - ORGANIC TEE

New Zealand's quietest secret

Velocity Hucking Systems

Chainstay damping has never been so clean and easy to install. Long lasting and effective. #whatchainslap

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VHS tape

Nothing but the sound of tyres

These chocolate air bubbles of silence will have your bike looking delicious and silent. What else could you really ask for?

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I'm Super Picky with my bike setup, especially when it comes to noise. I have tried everything to reduce chainslap over the years and VHS tape has finally delivered what i was looking for.

Ex World Cup racer and owner of Vertigo Bikes Queenstown  

Paul Angus

"I've tried multiple ways of stopping chainslap over the year's, from the early days of wrapping an inner tube around the chainstay and now VHS. It's good to finally have somthing that is designed specifically for the job and does what its supposed to.

Professional Mountain Bike Rider / Red Bull Rampage Athlete 

Connor Mcfarlane

To be honest I thought it would be a gimmick but wanted to support a local company so slapped some on the bike and it was 100% quieter first ride, will continue to use on future bikes.

Mechanic of 10+ years

Dan Court


Our Riders

TCC Racing

Antoine Pierron
Age: 20 
goals: Top 30 on the world cups, be consistent on each race.
Favourite thing: Eat a lot of sugar!

Mattéo Iniguez
Age: 19
Goals: Work towards a top 20 in a World cup with a top 50 overall finish.
Favorite thing: Just riding world cup for the after race party

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Calum Booth

Age: 20
From: Dunedin, New Zealand. 
Evo Cycles Ambassador
Favourite turtle: White throated snapping turtle

Born and bred southerner "boothy" had been riding and racing his bike for 10 years starting out as a super grom. In his years of racing he has honed his skills from racing to pulling . . . .

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Reece Potter

Age: 26
From: Golden Bay, NZ
Favorite things: Loves a huck
Current bikes: Transition

2020 Reece will be in Europe for summer doing the odd race, including the mega. But mainly focusing on filming, getting sendy and producing good content. He also hope to get the chance to dabble in a few EWS races at some stage. 

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